"Richard performs with the knowledge of a rambler and the expertise of a true troubadour"

Richard was part of the duo RICHARD & MARY for 46 years
Mary Retired in May of 2017
Richard was just awarded a Silver Medal by the Global Music Awards in the Folk Music category for  "Annie's Dance" a track from his latest Born of Change cd which is a Grammy Contender for Folk Music Album of the Year
Finalist in the 2017 Global Peace Song Awards with two songs from
his new CD "Born of Change" in the
final 10 - Folk Song Category

In 2017 Richard was awarded a Bronze Medal by the Global Music Awards in the Performance Art to Music category for his poem "I am a Whale." and a Silver Medal for "What Do We Do if We Don't Have Hope"

In 2016 Richard was awarded a Silver Medal by the Global Music Awards in the Performance Art to Music category for his  poem
"The Scent of Freshly Cut Roses" with music by Pat McCaffrey.

Richard also  received a personally signed card from President Obama and Michelle Obama  thanking him for the poem and for the cd.

(for the story behind the poem go to the video section)
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"Born of Change"
My new CD just released in May 2017

The first thing I did when I got home was to play the CD you gave me and what a terrific experience it was! A combination of enjoyment and sadness - which is what, in my estimation, folk music should elicit.
I really liked each cut, for different reasons. The Aleppo cut because I truly believe we have come to a point in time where all war is totally senseless. And Annie’s Dance because it harkens to a sense of joy and new life. Those two songs alone bookend life!
All 5 cuts are gripping for their own reason. And you, my friend, have not lost the soul in your voice, or your delivery.

Frank Furino - Director, Producer and Author

"Spoken from the Heart - my new Spoken Word to Music CD
I sincerely hope that you enjoy this cd and the words and melodies that come from my heart.

"One of the reasons I am taking the trip into this area, is because of this artist, Richard Byford. What Richard does is so eclectic, so authentic, so very raw - there is no way to describe it. You just have to witness it personally. Please check out Richard Byford - "Rain", we think you're going to love it! Richard travels to the East Coast . Please consider him for one of your events"  Kerry Gogan Productions.   
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"Richard, you are a true entertainer. We laughed at your stories, and sang along when urged to do so (although we couldn't always keep up, we tried!)...thank you for supporting our program, and sharing your music!"
Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse
April 29 at 10:40pm


Looking back on my life, I think it would be fair to say that it has been a life well lived. I have done many things that most people only dream of doing; I have mixed with presidents, royalty, celebrities and the less fortunate in our society who sometimes have no idea where their next meal is coming from or where they will sleep when darkness comes.

The one consistent factor during all my life is that I have shared my thoughts, feelings and experiences with any audience that would take the time to listen to my poems, songs and stories. A sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh has always been a gift and the added ability to sing and write songs has always enabled me to visit many countries around the world and meet the wide diversity of people that make up the frame work of our lives.

Richard's Solo Show


Richard performs songs from the 60’s & 70’s including artists such as Paul Simon, John Denver, Tom Paxton and many many more...songwriters that changed our lives. Richard also performs his own original songs and poems


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"Your song tribute to Malala is stunning. You're pretty amazing you know."
Justin Blake, Director

Malala Will Rise Again

lease also visit Richard's solo theatre show "The Heart of a Gypsy Troubadour":