Richard Byford

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A collection of spoken word stories set to music - written and performed by Richard Byford

"I've been listening to Spoken from the Heart and really enjoying it. So very beautifully produced in every way - it all felt incredibly poignant and moving. I loved the tone of your speaking voice and that you had just the right measure of energy in the performances - as it would be so easy to go over the top. The musical accompaniments were just lovely and so well done - I really resonated with You Are ...and the way the music was so in time with your voice. Also I Am A Whale was wonderful and the track so evocative ... Beliefs was also very well done and interesting questions that you are asking ... Malala Will Rise Again - was very powerful too and I really appreciated the 'female' message coming from a man.. so to speak. Anyway, many congratulations this is a really wonderful body of work and really puts across a message and more interestingly, these thoughts that come from the heart in some very beautiful settings so that they can be truly heard and received.
Aeone Watson - Artist & Composer

Voice and music complement each other down to the smallest detail on this album; music is apt for the words spoken over it. Some pieces I found outstanding are RAIN; it brought out the joy one feels in receiving rain, I AM A WHALE – an insight into what possibly goes on inside the mind of these gentle giants of the deep- good background voices too. SHIFTING SANDS made me think of change that is all around, how some cope with it and some just don’t, and PASSION is something to live by. Wouter Kellerman

He is a singer, writer and poet. His new cd “Spoken from the Heart” will take those of us with some miles on us back to a time when entertainment took place on a stage in a cellar with a guitar and a message.Think Rod McKuen or your favorite from that era. For a younger audience just discovering Mr Byford, you will enjoy a message probably like none you have heard before. This is a cd to listen to with all generations gathered around the old cd player or the latest digital device. I suspect you will be amazed at the discussion afterward. Jim Fordyce - http://coachellavalleyfun.com/

Richard Byford encapsulates the emotion of Rod McKuen and the charm of an English actor in “Spoken from the Heart.” By far, this is some of Richard's best work, which is heartfelt, innovative, thoughtful and well-produced. If you want to take a personal look into a life well-lived, listen to Byford's heartfelt message. Deborah Johnson - Speaker, composer & author http://www.djworksmusic.com/

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