The first thing I did when I got home was to play the CD you gave me and what a terrific experience it was! A combination of enjoyment and sadness - which is what, in my estimation, folk music should elicit.
I really liked each cut, for different reasons. The Aleppo cut because I truly believe we have come to a point in time where all war is totally senseless. And Annie’s Dance because it harkens to a sense of joy and new life. Those two songs alone bookend life!
All 5 cuts are gripping for their own reason. And you, my friend, have not lost the soul in your voice, or your delivery.

Frank Furino - Director, Producer and Author

Richard, you are a true entertainer. We laughed at your stories, and sang along when urged to do so (although we couldn't always keep up, we tried!)...thank you for supporting our program, and sharing your music!
Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse
April 29 at 10:40pm

Of course, throughout recorded history, evidence of so-called “message” songs has been passed down to us. In recent centuries, roving balladeers have chided their kings; slaves have bemoaned their masters; and the families of fallen heroes have cried out against war. Mary Avery and Richard Byford, known as Richard & Mary, are a long-lived duo with deep roots in this honored tradition. Richard and Mary might just be your ticket back to those times in your life when you knew you could change the world.
Lucinda Sue Crosby for the Desert Entertainer

"Your song tribute to Malala is stunning. You're pretty amazing you know."
Justin Blake, Director
Malala Will Rise Again
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Richard & Mary's New CD has a Folksy Flair and a Message - 
Do yourself a favor and buy or download a copy of this new album and go back to the roots of our musical heritage -
Jim Fordyce, News Director,

“Keeping The Dream Alive” is a very fitting title for the new CD 
The collection of 8 new original songs and 3 spoken word presentations set to music can best be described as “refreshing!”

Craig Michaels, Music Columnist for the Coachella Valley Weekly

Richard & Mary's New CD has a Folksy Flair and a Message - 
These two have been singing together since I was a little boy disc jockey in the 1970s, and they are still as good as ever. They used to be called folk singers, but, like disco is now techno dance music, we can't use the "Folk' word anymore, which is very unfair to a wonderful form of music that has kept our country growing strong and sending messages of the times for generations.

This is what you will find in this album. A mix of songs and poems with a message. There is a message from the whales as we worry about there fate, and another about a young woman who touched our hearts after she was shot for just wanting to go to school. She is the subject of "Malala Will Rise Again." There is the title track, which is pleasant to listen to and inspiring as we all strive to "Keep the Dream Alive," and there is a timely track for our current culture as we learn "There Is Still Life in the Old Dog Yet." Do yourself a favor and buy or download a copy of this new album and go back to the roots of our musical heritage. No rock-concert-sized speakers here, just a wonderful, polite sound from two people who have earned my admiration and respect over the years.
Jim Fordyce, Coachella Valley